In-Home Services

Home Euthanasia 24/7 days a week with our Providers

We understand that making the decision to say goodbye to a beloved friend is one of most difficult things you’ll ever do. We also believe it is one of the bravest ways to honor the relationship you have with your pet. Making the choice to help your pet pass free of pain and suffering is an incredible gift to them, and we are here to support you when you are ready.

Our options for euthanasia services; we encourage you to choose whats feels right for your family. It’s important to us that our Network of Veterinarians visit move at a pace that’s comfortable for you–we want you to take all the time you need to say goodbye to your pet.

Why should I choose in-home euthanasia?

No matter what, saying goodbye to a beloved pet is a difficult experience. We think that doing it in the comfort of home can make it just a little bit easier; many people who have been through the experience have remarked that they found it unexpectedly beautiful. When you choose in-home services, both you and your pet will be in a comfortable, familiar place; this means less anxiety for both of you, and a private, safe space for you to grieve. For animals with mobility issues, an in-home visit means we can meet them where they’re comfortable; you can be assured that their last moments will be pain-free.

We tailor the appointment to you and your pet, and your family’s needs with our Network of selected providers. You can have as many or as few family members and friends present as you’d like, since we don’t have to work within the confines of an exam room, and if it feels right for you, other family pets can also be present. Our selected providers move at a pace that is comfortable for you; you can ask as many questions as you want, and they only proceed with each step when you’re ready.

Choosing to say goodbye in the comfort of home means that you can process the experience the way you want to, without fear of being judged. Some owners choose to make the experience as quiet and intimate as possible. Some families invite friends and neighbors for a group goodbye, and a celebration of the life of their pet. Maybe you’d like music to be involved, or to say goodbye in a particular place in your home, or to hold your pet as he or she passes. For families that have religious, spiritual or other cultural practices that they would like to incorporate, in-home services are a perfect choice–together we look forward to being part of the experience.

The thing that we most often hear is that families are so grateful to avoid that cold feeling of a clinic waiting room, or the difficult drive home–you are free to grieve in the comfort of home.

How should we prepare for the euthanasia appointment?

Call us at (424) 343-2836 request to speak to our Euthanasia Specialist. We offer immediate 24/7 days a week services for our Network of providers. Simply provide us with your Zip code and we will let you know the availability of our Provider on call. Depending on the availability of our Provider each has their own style of services and cost. Each case by case is unique to one families needs. We also understand that this is often not an option for you and your pet--that’s why we’re here!

You will receive a confirmation via email of schedule services and necessary forms that our Providers require. Upon making the appointment we ask you to reserve the time needed for our Providers arrival. Many times we allow time for any delays due to a families loss before yours or delay of traffic.

Upon arrival each professional provider will guide you though their process. All our in home euthanasia are gentle and compassionate professionals in Home Euthanasia all our services are performed by Licensed Veterinarians.

Their euthanasia protocols will depend on their preference, experience, the pet's physical needs, and the families' wishes. We are not held responsible for any negligence caused by a veterinarian referred through our Providers Network. We will quote your for their services including ours.

When our Providers services are completed we will make sure the after care of cremations are scheduled at the conveniences of your families request. One our our Pet Care Specialist will be assigned to work with you to guide you through the process of the private cremations and selection of services till your loved one returns home.